Chael Sonnen Reveals UFC Has Already Tested Him for Testosterone

There has been a lot of talk about Testosterone Replacement Therapy over the past few weeks, especially in relation to UFC President Dana White’s rant on the controversial treatment last weekend where he guaranteed the organization would crack down on fighters abusing the system. According to White, he feels there are competitors who are abusing testosterone intake during camp and cycling down closer to showtime in order to pass drug tests.

One notable star who has been very public about his TRT use since being suspended for a suspiciously high level back in 2010 is Chael Sonnen. He also happens to be in camp, training for a fight with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 159, and was willing to publicly admit not only has he already been screened since White’s announcement but is 100% behind his bosses’ approach.

“The testing has already started. I can tell you firsthand, I have already been tested since this announcement.”

“I admire Dana on many levels. For me, this is his crowning moment, both as a leader, but also with his integrity. You are never going to find a chief executive at any corporation – be it sport, business or otherwise – that shines a ling on his own organization and says, ‘We have a problem.’ We’re not talking about testosterone use, we’re talking about testosterone abuse.”

Check out the full video below with Sonnen’s comments coming towards the end: