Exclusive Interview With “Supremacy MMA” And Kung Fu Factory Executive Producer: Story Mode (Part 3)

Welcome back fans and friends, it’s now time for part 3 of my exclusive interview with Daryl Pitts, the Executive Producer of video game development team Kung Fu Factory and one of the major forces behind the upcoming MMA video game “Supremacy MMA”. Part 1 can be seen here, Part 2 is up here. From the start, “Supremacy MMA” has touted its detailed and cinematic story mode, a rarity in today’s sports titles. But what exactly can fans expect from this mode, and why did the developers choose to take the road less traveled and focus on the game’s story? Let’s find out.

Part 3: Questions About Story Mode

Oliver Saenz of Fighters.com (Fighters.com): Can you give us a general outline of the game’s story/career mode?

Daryl Pitts, Executive Producer, Kung Fu Factory (Kung Fu Factory): The story will follow a progression of stories based on each individual fighter. It will begin with Jack Saxon, who starts his journey in prison, so you’ll work your way through a series of fights, find a mentor and a contact in the outside world once you get released and be given a shot at making a name for yourself. The whole through-line of “Supremacy” is every fighter has a story, and each fighter is searching for something different. Some are fighting for fame, others for their family and some are doing it because it’s all they’ve ever known. The story will go through each fighter, giving players a chance to learn all the different fighting styles along the way and figure out their favorite style of gameplay.

Fighters.com: What level of customization can we expect in the career mode, in regards to choosing a fight camp, choosing when and where to fight, etc.?

Kung Fu Factory: We haven’t really let on exactly how you’ll navigate through the story, but there will be plenty of options for where, when, who and how you’ll fight.

Fighters.com: Will the story/career mode be primarily dialogue-based or primarily based around menu navigation?

Kung Fu Factory: The story itself will be delivered through dialogue and cut scenes primarily, though you’ll be jumping into menus as you earn experience and level up certain attributes and unlock content.

Fighters.com: What does the game hope to accomplish with a more story-driven career, as opposed to the usual career modes of fighting and sports games?

Kung Fu Factory: We think the genre is ripe for storytelling, and again, it’s not a coincidence that Fight Night Champion recently announced they will feature a stronger emphasis on story. You talk to the real fighters and hear about what they have to go through to get a chance in this world, it’s really crazy. So our approach is more GTA and Guy Ritchie, less ESPN. Think about Brad Pitt’s pikey character Mickey O’ Neil in Snatch, what an interesting sort of mini vignette that was in the film, we want to go into those kinds of stories, like what it would be like if a guy like O’Neil was making his way through an MMA fighting ring.

Fighters.com: In regards to the story/career mode’s replayability, can we expect features more commonly seen in RPG’s like branching paths, the ability to be good or evil, multiple endings, etc.?

Kung Fu Factory: Again, we haven’t gone into any of these types of detail, really only because we just started talking about the game, but rest assured, there will be tons of depth and replayability in the game.

And that’s it for Part 3, fans and friends. Check back tomorrow for the final part of this four-part interview as well as my follow-up reaction piece.