Joe Lauzon gives fans “behind the scenes” glimpse at training camp for UFC 144

Typically the only look the public gets at a UFC fighter’s preparation for an upcoming bout comes on one of the organization’s Countdown or Primetime shows. However, when it comes to Joe Lauzon’s training for a fight with Anthony Pettis later this month “J-Lau” himself is pulling back the curtain, even capturing the UFC’s production crew in the process.

Lauzon recently released a “behind the scenes” video featuring his work on an upcoming Countdown special attached to UFC 144 as well as a first-person view of his sparring sessions thanks to a helmet-cam concept.

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Though the only Lauzon to speak in the clip is younger brother (and fellow fighter) Dan Lauzon, rarely do fans get the kind of access provided in his vlog.

Watch the full video below: