UFC Fighters Take to Social Media to Voice Anger Over the Removal of Wrestling from the Olympics

When the news began to spread about the removal of wrestling from the Olympic Games several mixed martial artists weren’t too pleased with the development. Many UFC fighters took to social media to voice their feelings on the subject.

Below is a small cross section of what a few UFC combatants are saying about the subject:

Sean Sherk

I have no idea how the International Olympic committee can get rid of a sport like wrestling? Not only is it the toughest most demanding, grueling sport in the world but it’s also ‘along with running’ the very first Olympic sport and the reason why the Olympics were even created in the first place dating all the way back to the Roman times. Whatever jackasses voted for wrestling to be out of the Olympics should be fired! To say the least…

Derek Brunson
If it wasn’t for wrestling I wouldn’t be in the UFC , the talks of them getting rid of wrestling in 2020 Olympics is tasteless #SaveOlympicWrestling

Dan Hardy
What the hell is the IOC thinking, taking wrestling out of the 2020 games!! Wrestling is as close to the original Olympics we can get!

Michael Chiesa
Wrestling saved my life and millions of other peoples, I hope the IOC knows this won’t stick. What a buncha bullshit

Daniel Cormier 
Unbelievable! What do u tell the kids on my youth team who want nothing more than to be like Jordan Burroughs!#saveolympicwrestling

Cung Le
#SaveOlympicWrestlingwrestling goes back to ancient times. ashame to even consider dumping it. Let go of ribbon dancing!!

Kenny Florian 
Wrestling = discipline, fun, focus, learning, overcoming obstacles. Kids need this more than ever & they need goals! Banning wrestling in the Olympics goes way beyond the event itself. It will affect this amazing sport at every level!#SaveOlympicWrestling

Chad Mendes
My heart is broken. I cant believe wrestling has been removed from the Olympics.

Scott jorgensen    
wrestling is gonna drop from Olympics! WOW! NEVER thought I would fucking hear that! Never!

Gray Maynard
Just read in USA Today, they are cutting in Wrestling as an Olympic sport starting 2020. I don’t really understand the reasoning. Im shocked.

Joe Rogan

Wrestling has been dropped from the olympics?! What a terrible decision re one of the greatest sports ever

Stipe Miocic

I would trade just about everything to win an Olympic gold medal. What in the hell are the IOC thinking?

Costas Philippou

Upsetting to hear that they dropped wrestling from the 2020 Olympics. What a poor decision.