Video captures Georges St. Pierre’s reaction to Carlos Condit’s win over Nick Diaz

As part of the UFC’s newest television show, UFC Ultimate Insider, the organization has decided to create a segment called “Full Blast” where fighters wear microphones while in attendance at UFC events. The first feature aired last week as part of the program’s debut on Fuel TV with welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre being recorded throughout last weekend’s UFC 143 headliner between Nick Diaz-Carlos Condit.

“Carlos hit more but he doesn’t control the Octagon. It’s hard to say. I don’t know,” says GSP midway through the fight when asked to pick a winner. He also asks Chuck Liddell, sitting ringside as well, who he has ahead on the scorecards with “The Iceman” replying Diaz but just barely.

St. Pierre is also shown telling Diaz he hopes he wins the decision after the controversial Californian comes over to taunt him immediately after the bout ends.

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Check out the full video below: