Cung Le Was as Surprised as Dana White About a Possible Anderson Silva Bout

UFC Middleweight Cung Le was just as surprised as everyone else when Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, said a fight with Le interested the dynamic Brazilian. Even UFC President Dana White had to do a double-take as a result. Le, who is coming off of a knockout with over Rich Franklin at UFC on Fuel 6, was just as surprised as White was when he heard the news.

Le told

“I wasn’t thinking much about it until my name got thrown in the hat. For me, being a martial artist and always wanting to challenge myself, that would be one of the greatest challenges of my career and probably my life if it ever happened.”

If not Silva, who would he like to fight?

“I’m not one of those guys who is like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to fight him, I’ve got to fight him, I’ve got to fight him.’ I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, I just like to compete. I compete for myself and the fans. Whoever it is, I go out there and do my best. It’s just who they put me against.”

Le also had some advice for youngsters who want to become MMA fighters:

“My first advice is, you’re not going to step inside a ring or an Octagon until you’re completely prepared. Of course, a little stepping stone is doing a lot of tournaments ”“ let’s get into wrestling, let’s get into jiu-jitsu. Just be a complete martial artist before you go in there and try to compete at an amateur level. It’s a very tough sport.”