Jose Aldo Has Special Celebration in Mind If He Beats Frankie Edgar

One of the most memorable post-victory moments in UFC history came a little more than a year ago when featherweight champion Jose Aldo ran into a sea of his fellow Brazilians to celebrate a knockout win over Chad Mendes at UFC 142. Though the confines at UFC 156 won’t be quite as friendly as they were in Rio de Janeiro, Aldo also has something special in mind if he’s able to beat former lightweight title-holder Frankie Edgar in the evening’s headlining tilt.

Aldo is confident he’ll come away with a victory in tow and do just that, telling the UFC’s website he believes he’s prepared for Edgar’s assault and ready to go the distance if necessary to achieve his goal.

“He didn’t cut too much weight for the lightweights, but now he needs to. The speed here [at 145] is a key factor too. He was fast at lightweight, and trying to emulate a few moves and the pace he set can open the gaps for counter attacks and things like that. So let’s see what happens.”

“Everything can be talked about and seen, but when the door locks there are many options for a fighter. Before my fight against Urijah Faber in WEC, people said that if he pushed me to the limit of the fifth round, I’d break. But I did it and I did it twice in the UFC, proving I’m not just a champion of the early rounds; I’m the champion because I fight and pass through the challenges that are present.”

“If God permits, I’ll bring the victory and I’ll dedicate it to my daughter. What will it be? A surprise once again, but I promise nothing to get my manager and my coach mad.”