Frankie Edgar Misses the Feeling of Being a Champion

From April 2010 until February 2012, UFC fan-favorite Frankie Edgar was the organization’s lightweight champion. Though he went on to drop the title to Benson Henderson, the stumble involved a hotly contested decision defeat with Edgar falling in an even-closer clash the second time around, leaving “The Answer” with an empty feeling inside rather than the closure of a clear-cut loss.

Now a featherweight, Edgar is set to take on featherweight title-holder Jose Aldo tomorrow night at UFC 156 and potentially start a new reign as divisional king. “The Answer” is excited about the prospect of once again wearing gold, telling the UFC’s website he’s missed being considered a weight-class’ top dog.

“I think there’s always gonna be doubters, no matter who you are. I’m sure Anderson Silva has some doubters and Jon Jones has his doubters, so they’re always out there. But as I go on, I get more and more support. And for me, it’s not so much that I was trying to shut people up or prove people wrong; I’m just a motivated person, I like to win, and that’s what I want to do. I want to be number one. Having that title for almost two years and then losing it, you miss it. You miss being called the champ and being considered the best guy in your weight class. And that’s what’s motivating me and that’s what I’m gunning for.”

“I’m gonna do what I do naturally. It’s kinda good that the pace I like to fight at will be to my benefit being that he’s been out for a year. I definitely want to go in there and test his mettle and see how he reacts to that long layoff.”

“I plan on putting on a super performance, so I can’t wait.”