Shonie Carter Hangs Up The Gloves, Plans To Pursue Acting (VIDEO)

Shonie Carter has made it official, and  has retired from combat sports. ‘Mr. International’ broke it down saying, “I know you all thought I was going to fight forever, but I am done. I have broken my hands 28 times, and the doctors say I have Arthritis. So, i’m now 215 svelte pounds, my body fat is in the teens, the low teens, I’m 40 now, and I am trying to become an actor. You know, ‘acting tough.’”

Carter is leaving the sport of ‘MM-Ah’, as he calls it, with an official record of 50-29-7, but how many fights did Carter have overall? “It was either 239 or 240. It may be more, but I am saying 240 between the bare knuckle karate, muay thai, kick boxing and MMA or any of the other punch kick combo scenarios.” Carter concluded, “Mano y mano conflicts? That shits in the  thousands.”

Carter admits that you may see him in a grappling tournament here or there, but don’t expect him to be cutting weight. It’s not happening! “If I do grappling tournaments, WATCH OUT! I am in the masters divisions now,” Carter joked. “You might see me in the black belt and over 40 division, but I am NOT cutting weight. Whatever  you see me on the mat at, thats what  I weigh!”

Watch Carter lay out his future plans this past weekend in New York: