Chael Sonnen: “Michael Bisping hit me so hard in the first round I didn’t even know what day it was.”

If you tuned in to UFC on FOX 2 and thought last Saturday’s scrap between Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen was close you weren’t alone. Apparently both of the involved individuals felt the same way, and though Sonnen got the judges’ nod he would have understood if the scorecards had favored Bisping instead.

The two outspoken middleweights discussed their bout during the post-fight press conference where respect was shown throughout, at least regarding each other.

Check Out Highlights from the Sonnen-Bisping Bout

“I was surprised about everything. Michael Bisping hit me so hard in the first round I didn’t even know what day it was,” said Sonnen when asked if he was impressed by Bisping’s grappling prowess. “I remember when I came to, looking at him and thinking, ‘Oh my god you have no idea how bad you hurt me or you’d step in and do something about it.” I mean the whole fight I was never in a position I was comfortable, not one. It was fifteen awkward minutes.”

“I don’t have a bad thing in the world to say about the guy,” he concluded on Bisping.

As expected, the topic of Anderson Silva came up and Sonnen was a little less cordial in addressing him.

“I’d rather talk about real men like Mr. Bisping who steps in on ten days’ notice and fights me. Those are the kind of guys I’d rather give media attention to, not some bum hiding in Brazil,” replied Sonnen when asked if he felt Silva would agree to a rematch.

Check out the full press conference below with things starting up at about the thirty-minute mark: