Gray Maynard Calling for Fight with Anthony Pettis

UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis locked up his long-awaited title-shot last weekend when he put Donald Cerrone down with strikes in the first frame of their UFC on FOX 6 fight. However, champion Benson Henderson is already scheduled for a match-up with Gilbert Melendez in April, leaving Pettis in the undesirable position of having to wait 5-6 months before seeing the Octagon again (if not longer).

While Pettis isn’t likely to risk his contendership status as he mistakenly did once before in a similar situation, one fighter who is more than willing to meet Pettis is Gray Maynard. The 11-1-1 Maynard recently told Bleacher Report he’s anxiously anticipating a showdown with “Showtime” regardless of when it occurs, saying Pettis’ win over Cerrone didn’t surprise him at all.

“Pettis is the fight I would love to have. At the same time, I understand why he would wait for a title shot. That is what we are all working towards and if that is on his plate then I get sitting out. But things rarely go as planned in this game and if something happens as a result of the Henderson vs. Melendez fight and Pettis decides he’s tired of waiting then I’d be happy to oblige him. The way I see it, whether it happens now or later, Pettis and I are on a collision course.”

“He does some exciting things inside the cage and I think it would be a great challenge trying to solve that puzzle. I watched him beat Cerrone this weekend, but (his) style was the perfect match-up for Pettis to do what he does best. Cerrone comes forward with a straight up and down Muay Thai-style and Pettis was able to dictate space and get off on him. That’s not the way I fight and I think I would present some difficult challenges for him.”

SOURCE: Bleacher Report

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