Glover Teixeira Impressed by Quinton Jackson’s Toughness

UFC light heavyweight Glover Teixeira solidified his status as one of the division’s top forces last night by beating a very game Quinton Jackson in front of millions at UFC on FOX 6. The Brazilian bomber improved his record to 20-2 with the decision win, his eighteenth straight, and defeated a former champion to do so.

Teixeira gave his take on the tilt in an interview with Fuel TV after the event’s action had concluded, showing respect to “Rampage” for the effort he put forth despite eating some significant strikes along the way.

“No disrespect to Quinton but I wanted to go for the knockout and finish him. And he is tough, man. I knew he was tough but he took some good shots.”

“He hits hard too and I can’t become cocky in that situation, get caught with a punch. So I took my time. I swear I hurt him in the second round and I thought it was going to be a knockout.”

The full interview with Teixeira can be seen below: