Demetrious Johnson Grinds Down John Dodson in his First Title-Defense

UFC on FOX 6: Johnson vs. Dodson couldn’t have turned out any better for the UFC. A solid five round fight, two fighters with a lot of heart, and a determined champion made the fight a perfect exclamation point for their 6th run on FOX TV. Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson fought five hard rounds, but in the first and second it was  ‘Mighty Mouse’ who almost needed saving.

Dodson’s power and his ability to time left hooks from Johnson almost got him the win. Everyone knew Dodson had the power advantage in the striking department, but not many expected him to match the speed from Johnson step for step in the fight. In the first two rounds, Dodson was able to drop Johnson in each frame, but the durability of Johnson’s chin was what kept him alive for later in the fight. It’s hard to tell from the tape if the first one was a slip or not, but in the second round he was dropped twice, and those two were enough to wake up Johnson.

That’s when  Johnson really went to work. Johnson started varying his attacks on Dodson, began mixing up his strikes more and more. Just when Dodson began to figure out the angles Johnson was taking, Johnson started to land takedowns. This is when Johnson did the work that would win him the fight on the scorecards. Johnson needed the action to unfold in close quarters, and he was able to make that happen for the last fifteen minutes of the match-up. For the first time in the  flyweight division, fans saw a champion dismantle a contender and walk away with his title-reign in tow.

Johnson did what champions do when they are down half way through a fight, showing fans, his employers, and himself what he’s truly made of. A lot of questions followed the UFC because of the choice to put flyweights in the main event on FOX but it only took Johnson 25 minutes to shut them up, making it clear “Might Mouse” can serve as a headliner on the biggest stage the company has and he will perform from pillar to post.