Michael Bisping: “It will be a nasty, nasty war, but I’m beating him up and winning this fight.”

Two of the UFC’s top trash-talkers are set to meet on Saturday night in the Octagon in the form of Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping yet all has been relatively quiet on the verbal warfare front since their fight was made. However, with only a few days to go it appears the middleweights have decided to make up for lost time by amping things up earlier this week while in Chicago for their UFC on FOX 2 bout.

On that note, while there’s still a moderate level of respect between the two, Bisping made it clear in some pre-fight comments promoting the match-up that he’s out for blood and ready to “make the oddsmakers look like fools”.

Bisping Explains Taking Fight with Sonnen on Short Notice

“I know some fans are disappointed that there hasn’t been eight weeks of zingers between us and, to be honest, I think we would have got into it if this fight had been made two months ago. But right now, both of us had to focus on getting ready for a new opponent – and in his case a more dangerous opponent in me – on a week’s notice,” Bisping began on the topic of his co-headlining clash with Sonnen.

“Chael and I have thrown a few little jokes here and there but that’s because we’ve both got a sense of humor,” Bisping continued before taking the gloves off, adding, “And he’ll need that sense of humor after he goes to the hospital on Saturday night just like seven of my last eight opponents have.”

“I am under no illusions – I am getting kicked, punched, elbowed and taken down by Chael but he’s getting punched, kicked, kneed, elbowed and knocked out in return. It will be a nasty, nasty war, but I’m beating him up and winning this fight,” the animated Brit explained. “I am sure I will be taken down, but he’s going to have to worry about being submitted each time he does that. He won’t be able to hold me down and I know I can pick him apart standing.”

More than half of Bisping’s 22 total victories have involved a strike-based stoppage while eight of Sonnen’s eleven losses were related to a submission including his infamous outing against Anderson Silva at UFC 117.

See whose technique reigns supreme on FOX this weekend with the main card’s broadcast starting up at 8:00 PM EST.