DREAM and K-1 is officially doomed, according to it’s President

It’s a scary thing when you hear reports constantly about fighter’s not being paid timely, if at all. Or when promoter’s speak so publicly and openly about their struggling financial situation.

And like the Pride Fighting Championships before it, it looks like DREAM and K-1 will now become a victim due to their hierarchy’s lack of success.

So now, both the most visible kickboxing promotion in all of the world, and Japan’s leading mixed martial arts organization will now cease to exist, and all of this is according to their leading man, President Sadaharu Tanikawa.

MiddleEasy.com recently picked up the beat of the story and revealed some startling things about the fledgling Fighting and Entertainment Group (FEG) company, who’s subsidiaries include the aforementioned K-1 and DREAM promotion’s under their umbrella.

While FEG has struggled to secure higher ratings on their TBS television programming provider in Japan, they have also not been able to secure lucrative sponsors that will hope to keep the order of operations going behind the scenes, and as such, it looks like we might have another PRIDE fiasco on our hands all over again–maybe not “Yakuza” bad, but bad nonetheless.

“The current course is that FEG will die”, said President Sadaharu Tanikawa bluntly while speaking with Sports Graphic Novel for an interview in Japan.

“There are probably staff members that will leave as well. The event name will be left but the promotion will change. If the current structure remains as it is it will be impossible to continue. If many investments from companies overseas do not come in we can’t survive.”

While the Japanese mixed martial arts scene has struggled to survive since PRIDE had been eliminated altogether in 2006, following the collapse due to financial ruin and mired in controversy with allegations of “Yakuza” being involved, it looks like any hope for a resurrection will now die. Along with DREAM, K-1 too will now be a victim, despite reaching it’s height in popularity in recent years with stars such Badr Hari, Alistair Overeem, and Semmy Schilt coming into prominence.

We very well could see the UFC step in once again and purchase the companies assets, though talking about that would be too premature and nothing is certain, though all signs point to FEG falling altogether.

So, MMA peeps, what do you think of the news? Straight from the horses mouth, if the companies President doesn’t feel that FEG along with DREAM and K-1 can survive should it continue to run the course it’s been for the last couple of years, then there’s no hope yet. Sound off in the comment section below.