Michael Bisping: “Vitor Belfort is a complete phony and I can’t wait to beat him up.”

UFC middleweight Michael Bisping has never been afraid to speak his mind, especially when the topic involves performance enhancing drugs. As chance would have it, Bisping’s opponent this weekend at UFC on FX 7Vitor Belfort – has had his share of controversy surrounding PEDs including a recent interview where he dodged a question asking if he was using testosterone replacement therapy.

As “The Count” explained in a recent blog entry for Yahoo Sports, Belfort’s stance on PEDs is one of the many reasons Bisping will aim to blast the Brazilian into defeat on Saturday night and adds more fuel to the fire he always enters the Octagon with.

“I like to fight angry, to have a lot of emotion and ill-will towards my opponent. I fight better like that for some reason, and I am advanced enough in my career to be able to generate that mood for myself regardless of my opponent. I guess it’s a little strange, and maybe not psychologically healthy, but I take any little slight or comment by my opponent and magnify that 1000 times until I feel like my opponent is the worst example of humanity on Earth and the fight is very, very personal.”

“Some fighters I’ve spoken with try to drain all the emotion out of it. Georges St-Pierre is a prime example of someone who refuses to allow his emotions to play on him and, clearly, it has worked great for him in his career. I guess I’m just a very different type of guy and athlete.”

“Sometimes opponents do make it personal, and that’s great. With Belfort, for the most part he’s been fine, and two months ago I actually liked and respected him. But, as of a couple days ago, I cannot stand the guy. The way my mind is right now, Vitor Belfort is a complete phony and I can’t wait to beat him up.”

“This isn’t hyping a fight like Tito Ortiz used to, where you know it was all about getting a headline or two. This is how I motivate myself to train harder than anyone else in the UFC and how I focus my mind on kicking arse.”

“And, like I said, the more I think about it, the less respect I have for Belfort. He’s already been busted for elevated testosterone back in 2006, and his pathetic evasions of straight questions about TRT speaks volumes. If he wasn’t on TRT, he’d just say so. Instead he started mumbling and getting all embarrassed like a teenager caught with a porno mag. It is really pathetic. With a physique like his, you’d think he’d jump at the chance to deny he’s taking TRT. But his silence speaks volumes, doesn’t it?”

He’s trying to take my title shot off me. He’s trying to take my family’s security off me. And he’s prepared to cheat to do it. I’m not letting any of that happen. He can be injecting rocket fuel for all I care. The bottom line is I’m going to kick his arse Saturday night. That’s the bad news for Vitor. The good news is he will always be able to find work as a Brazilian Chippendale.”

SOURCE: Yahoo Sports