Chael Sonnen Joins UFC Tonight as Co-Host

One of the most entertaining men in MMA will get a chance to offer up his insight and opinion on a weekly basis thanks to the recent decision of UFC Tonight to add Chael Sonnen as the official co-host alongside Kenny Florian. Sonnen will occupy the spot previously owned by Todd Harris and more recently filled by Karen Bryant.

UFC Tonight introduced Sonnen last night along with a video package featuring a glimpse at what fans should expect on January 29 when the silver-tongued scrapper comes on board. Previously, Sonnen has provided analysis on a number of Fuel TV broadcasts covering the before and after of attached events.

Sonnen will also be on air Tuesday nights as a coach on TUF 17. The show airs at 9:00 PM EST on FX, in comparison to UFC Tonight’s 10:00 PM slot.

The video hyping Sonnen’s arrival can be seen below: