Todd Duffee: “Its a big relief being back in the UFC.”

Heavyweight Todd Duffee returned to the Octagon at UFC 155 after more than 30 months outside of the UFC and picked up a first-round win over Phil De Fries. Previously, in one of the more public firings by UFC President Dana White, Duffe was cut from the promotion after a knockout loss to Mike Russow at UFC 114.

Duffee went on to fight Alistair Overeem at the Dynamite 2010 card and was knocked out a second time. In less than eight months Duffe picked up his only career losses and wouldn’t fight again until April of 2012. After the long road he’s traveled, for right now, Duffee is enjoying the fact that all he has to do is focus on fighting.

Duffee told Sherdog:

“It’s a big relief. I can actually kind of relax for the fact that all I have to worry about now is training and fighting. I don’t have to be sitting on the phone trying to figure out when can I get a fight.”

On his temporary retirement:

“I was at the point financially that the efforts I was putting in, it wasn’t paying off. It didn’t make a lot of sense. You start feeling stupid after a certain amount of time, like how delusional am I? But it did pay off, and I’m excited that I’ve got things back on track.”

Training at American Kickboxing Academy:

“I think wrestling’s a huge part of the sport, and that’s what I’ve always kind of been chasing, to get that kind of training, and I’m getting it. Obviously AKA is going to help me there. It’s going to help me everywhere. It’s a good camp, and the best thing about it is they’ve got great bodies in there to work with and we all work together really well.”