Mo Lawal: “I’m not trying to be a popular guy, but then be broke as hell.”

Most fighters will tell you they’re in the sport because they love the competition or want to prove they’re the best in the world by winning a championship. Then again, Muhammed Lawal has never played by anyone’s rules but his own.

Lawal recently spoke about his upcoming bout with Lorenz Larkin on Saturday night’s Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine card where he made it clear he’s interested in all those things to an extent but for him it’s more about the money than anything else.

Some Thoughts on Why Lawal Should Stay with Strikeforce When His Contract Expires

“It gives me another win, another look at a different opponent, and more money in my pocket,” said Lawal in an interview with Strikeforce’s website when asked about the potential positives of his bout with Larkin.

“I care about (the title/popularity), but at the same time, get me fights,” Lawal continued. “You can be a star, but you can be broke. I’m not trying to be a popular guy, but then be broke as hell. Money comes first. All that other stuff is nice, but I could care less who recognizes me. I can do the ‘King Mo’ thing to get people hyped up for the fights and to draw a little interest, but other than that, if I’m not fighting, I’d rather just chill and watch fights. I’m not the type of person that seeks stardom. No. I seek greatness.”

Lawal made sure to give credit to Larkin in the interview and expects a solid scrap come showtime, explaining, “He’s a young, flashy fighter. He’s hungry, he stepped up to fight me, and it’s gonna be a good fight.”

However, he doesn’t know that he’ll have any more of a challenge with him than he recently did in a knockout win over Roger Gracie.

“See, Lorenz is talented, but I don’t know who would win between him and Gracie, because if Gracie got it to the ground, it’s over because Gracie’s dangerous. Lorenz, I don’t know if he has that one punch power, but he can pot shot you. They’re two dangerous opponents, but Gracie’s dangerous to where he can end the fight if it hits the ground; Lorenz is flashy, he’ll try to potshot you and move and do a bunch of jumping kicks, but in his last fight he got touched up a bit and I saw concern in his face going into the third round.”

Fans can see if Lawal’s prediction plays out and how fat his pockets get when he faces off with Larkin on the Showtime broadcast this weekend. Other bouts include Tyron Woodley vs. Jordan Mein and a headlining title-fight between middleweight champion Luke Rockhold and wily veteran Keith Jardine.