Jim Miller Would Like to Even the Score Against Gray Maynard

Jim Miller was planning a different holiday before he stepped in on short notice for Gray Maynard to fight Joe Lauzon at UFC 155. With a Fight of the Night bonus has been secured, Miller has said he’d like to face the guy he replaced. As it turns out, Maynard handed Miller his first UFC loss (the second of his career) and the New Jersey native hasn’t fogotten.

Miller will be expecting a different fight if he gets the chance to get the loss off his record, telling MMAJunkie:

“It will be four years ago in March. To assume it would be a similar fight would be kind of ignorant to what we’re capable of as fighters…. I guarantee you nobody else is asking to fight Gray.”

The people who saw fight between Miller and Lauzon can attest to the amount of blood that poured out Lauzon’s head, and Miller saw it coming. Miller told his coach’s father “I hope you’re not squeamish because there’s going to be some blood.”

Photo: UFC