Babalu Turns Down Assistant Coaching Gig on Next TUF Brasil to Focus on Bellator Tournament

Renato Sobral has had a change in plans. The light heavyweight, who is scheduled to participate in the next Bellator MMA tournament, will not be coaching with his longtime friend Fabricio Werdum on TUF Brasil 2. While he plans on being a full time trainer when he hangs up his gloves, the former Strikeforce champion is saying he has declined the invitation so he can focus on winning the tournament coming up later in the month.

Sobral is scheduled to fight Mikhail Zayats on January 17 when Bellator debuts on SpikeTV at Bellator 85.


He told MMAjunkie:

“I can’t train and teach and coach at the same time over there. I thought last time I could train and teach. But if you go down there as a coach, you have to only coach.”

On fighting the new tournament format in Bellator:

“It’s a really fine line between giving a show and winning,” he said. “You have to save yourself for the next fight. To be in this format is a challenge for me and makes me very excited about it. Because fighting one night, you don’t feel much. If you have something that breaks, you can just keep going. If you fight and then you go home and cool down and the swelling comes back up and then you have to go have to go back and train to fight in six weeks, that’s a new thing.

Photo: Strikeforce