Junior dos Santos agrees with Brock Lesnar’s decision to retire

It seems everyone has an opinion on the clash for contendership at UFC 141 between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem in addition to its aftermath involving Lesnar’s semi-unexpected retirement from Mixed Martial Arts. UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos was in the audience and even spoke to Lesnar after the fight, revealing a possible injury likely factoring in to the former title-holder being finished.

“I thought Brock would move forward, I hoped more of him. But he told me on the Octagon he felt the knees and kicks of Overeem and that he thought he broke his rib,” said Dos Santos in a conversation with TATAME. “I saw it and it was really red.”

On the subject of Lesnar calling it quits on his MMA career, “Cigano” was supportive of the idea based on the personal nature of it, stating, “He’s completely right to retire since he doesn’t feel fine when fighting anymore. He said he promised it to his wife and kids… I guess everybody knows when it’s time to stop”

Up next for Dos Santos is of course Overeem, the hard-hitting Dutchman on an eleven fight winning streak with stoppages in 34 of 36 victories. However, the 14-1 champion made it clear he is up for any challenge and understands such things go with the territory when you’ve got gold strapped around your waist.

“Overeem is a very strong fighter, but there’s no easy fight when you’re fighting a title fight. He’s big, but he ain’t two (people).”

Dos Santos Expects Stand-Up Battle with Overeem

No word has surfaced on when Dos Santos and Overeem will meet in the cage though it’s likely to take place in late spring or early summer based on the 27-year old’s recovery from minor knee surgery.